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Ivo Lucchitta


Some of the trails have been affected by wildfires since the book was published.

Hike 14 (Kendrick Mountain trail) is in an area that was partly burned several years ago, but the burn has not affected the hike seriously.

Hike 18 (Aztec Peak trail) has been burned badly. In November 2003, the burned trees were falling under windy conditions, making the trail dangerous.

Hike 21 (Coon Butte Spring trail) and Hike 22 (Deep Creek trail) were burned by the same fire, but the vegetation along these trails was mostly open, so the trails should still be passable. However, I do not know to what extent the fire has diminished the scenic qualities of the trails. I would appreciate information on this from anyone who has hiked these trails since the fire. Information on any of the other trails is also welcome.

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