river trips
  Ivo Lucchitta


In arranging a trip, I will help you select a good time of the year (consistent with your requirements), a reasonable trip length, a good number of participants, and the best place to end the float trip (there are several). I will then contact outfitters who would be willing to put on a trip at or near the time selected and with the specifications indicated. At this time, we will also work out the starting and ending point (usually Las Vegas or Flagstaff), motel accommodations there, transportation to the put-in at Lees Ferry, transportation from the takeout back to the starting point. These are all factors that influence the cost of the trip. If needed, I can also purchase wine and beer for the trip (retailers generally give me a decent price), and take them to the outfitter warehouse shortly before the trip begins. The same applies to a river guidebook, which I strongly recommend.

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