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Hiking Arizona's Geology Ivo Lucchitta


Books and articles are an excellent way to make the general public aware of the wonderful stories Earth has to tell. I have been quite active in this regard, with one book published, one being written, and one in the concept stage.

The published book is called Hiking Arizona's Geology.

The book being written is Rio Colorado, a geologic history of the Colorado River and its canyons, to be published by Oxford University Press. The audience for this book is the non-geologist and the interested earth scientist from other fields.

The book that is still just a glimmer in the eye would be an account of the geology and rapids of the Grand Canyon, intended for people who raft through the Canyon, whether guides, passengers, or on private river trips. The geology part (including the influence of geology on people) would in effect be a compendium of the talks I give on my river trips, which are intended to bring to life and make understandable the river, its canyon, and the processes that operate there. The rapids part would be written by a river-guide friend with more than 300 trips under his belt. I'd love to hear the thoughts or comments any of you may have on this idea.

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