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Hiking Arizona's Geology

HIKING ARIZONA'S GEOLOGY is a 270-page soft-cover book published by The Mountaineers Books in 2000 and illustrated with many photographs and helpful diagrams.

The book consists of four parts. The most extensive is a detailed description of 41 hikes distributed throughout the state and its geologic provinces. This part is useful even for those people whose interests lie more in hiking than in geology.

The second part gives short descriptions of the geology of the state and its geologic provinces, all written in language accessible to the non-geologist. The purpose is to place what is seen in the individual hikes within a broader geological and geographical context.

The third part is a brief introduction to Geology, again written in non-technical language. This is indispensable for understanding properly what is seen on the trail and read in the book.

The fourth part provides a glossary of terms, lists of source materials and suggested reading, and contact information for National Forests and Parks. These will assist the reader/hiker in expanding knowledge and getting practical information.

A substantial part of the book is devoted to canyons in general and the Grand Canyon in particular. Because of this, it contains information of interest not only to those who hike in the Grand Canyon, but also to those who raft through it.

Hiking Arizona's Geology is available in many bookstores. You can also get autographed copies from me for $19.00 including mailing. , and I'll reply with my mailing address, to which you need send your order, check and postal address.

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