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Ivo Lucchitta

Awards and Reviews

HIKING ARIZONA'S GEOLOGY has received national recognition by being a finalist in the Independent Publishers of America Awards for 2000.

The book has a Five-Star rating in Amazon.com. Here are two of the reviews:

Reviewer: Wendell Duffield from Flagstaff, AZ
Hiking Arizona Geology is really two books under one cover. In "book one", the first thirty seven pages are a geology primer, written at a level understandable to the beginning student yet not condescending to the experienced professional. The following nineteen pages sketch the nearly two billion year long geologic history of Arizona, leaving the reader well prepared to understand and appreciate the diverse geology and landscapes of the state. Information is delivered with an occasional philosophical undertone interspersed with wry humor typical of Ivo Lucchitta's style (e.g. ".... that peculiar variety of life called Homo, including its pretentious branch that is amusingly pleased to call itself sapiens.").
The attentive and therefore well educated reader is now adequately, if not fully, prepared to appreciate the stories contained in rocks and their landforms along the forty one hikes described in delicious detail, in "book two". Hikes were selected to illustrate the geologic, and not coincidentally, climatic diversity of Arizona. Many people not familiar with the state might assume that Arizona is one vast desert, only to be hiked during cool winter days. Not so! Hiking Arizona Geology is truly a book for all seasons, covering elevations ranging from about 2,000 to 12,600 feet above sea level.
For this review, I read the book from front to back, in one sitting. This left me somewhat put off by the repetition of material from Hike to Hike. But I also appreciate that for the occasional user, this kind of repetition is necessary, because each hike must stand alone. My recommendation: Get the cobwebs out of your mind, the dust off your hiking boots, and hit the trail, book in hand. The exercise will be good for your physical and mental health, and you are bound to learn a lot about Mother Earth.

Reviewer: Jennifer S Blue from Flagstaff, AZ
The author of this guidebook writes that a deeper understanding of something only heightens the enjoyment of that thing. So it is with hiking in Arizona. I have hiked many of the trails included in this book, but the geologic knowledge provided by this publication will undoubtedly add to the enjoyment of trails already well trodden, as well as those still to be experienced. While technical enough to satisfy those with a scientific mind, the descriptions of geology in general, and Arizona in particular, are easily understood by anyone. In fact, the author's engaging style made these "geologic primers" some of my favorite parts of the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in hiking in Arizona. The trails included are all scenic, they're dispersed throughout the state, and they provide a wide representation of Arizona's geologic features.

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