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River Trips

Floating on a raft through the Grand Canyon is one of the more remarkable experiences available today. Doing so under a private permit is impractical for most people, who don't have the skill, experience, or equipment, and who cannot wait the 9 years or so it takes to get a private permit. Fortunately, superb trips with commercial outfitters are readily available, provided you allow enough lead time.

I can provide a variety of services here, from arranging and guiding the trip to helping you make your own arrangements. In all cases, it will be up to you to get together a group, keep track of the people coming onto, or leaving, the passenger list, collecting monies at the proper times, and transmitting these monies in time to the outfitter. In some cases, a few people may be able to add themselves to a trip I am already arranging, provided there is room.

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